Engineered Fluid Dispensing
TianHao Dispensing is the China's leading manufacturer of precision dispensing systems for applying controlled amounts of the adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids used in almost every industrial manufacturing process. Review our inventory of industrial dispensers.


Fluid Dispensing for Every Industry

TianHao manufactures of adhesives and sealants dispensing equipment&machine, dispenser robot, liquid dispenser for adhesive, glue, cyanoacrylates, silicone, RTV, anaerobic resin, epoxy, UV cure formulations and many more fluids.

TianHao Dispensing offers the largest selection of products including a valve for every type of material and a wide range of economic industrial robots suitable for automating a bench assembly operation or for integration in a larger in-line process.

TianHao Dispensing products are used in many industries including: automotive, electronics, non-invasive medical manufacturing, jewelry,Threadlocking adhesive and pharmaceutical.We are able to provide a solution for every application requiring precision applications of fluids.

Customized Robotic
Free Video Trial

The simplest way to see what TianHao robots can do for your application is with a FREE VIDEO TRIAL. Just send us a sample of your part and a sample of your material, and our lab will, FREE OF CHARGE, make a trial run using your parts and material, video tape the trial run, and send you the video and completed parts. You can learn more about our video trial program here.

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